Its the most wonderful time of the year!

WELCOME BACK WILDCATS! We are celebrating our 5th year at UNH and boy have we all had a fast and fun five years.

Theater class got folks silly as usual and the group already started talking about this years performance. Our friends over at Holloway Commons brought out a big cake and balloons to kick off our semester! Group 1 went over to the Mini dorms and had a blast with Jason and his residents! The group played games outside on the beautiful day and a few folks did some arts and crafts which included making visors! Folks really loved it. Group 2 went over to New Hampshire Hall to meet up with Sarah and her Phys Ed friends and they took a great walk and played a few games. Our class was held today in Murkland  (next week we will be back at Nesmith). Tonight group one learned more about the amazing qualities of water.  We watched capillary action (ex. how water defeats gravity and moves up inside a tree) at work as water moved from one glass, through a twisted paper towel, and into another glass.  This is a great one to replicate at home!  We measured the temperature of crushed ice, added salt, and observed the changes in temperature.  Finally, we explored the surface tension of water by counting the number of water drops that would fit on a penny.  It is amazing to see the bubble of water that forms as the water molecules hang on to one another!  Are you wondering what happens with the surface tension of water in space?  We watched this cool video and saw for ourselves! Group two went all around campus with their Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and did some geocaching. The group loved being outside of the day and working with the devices to find cool objects around campus. The day ended with everyone getting home safely and on time. Thanks to all our new volunteers were all going to have a GREAT semester! 


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