Meet Stephen and Maggie from Friends in Action!

Stephen and Maggie Friends Because of You!

Stephen and Maggie met two years ago at the University of New Hampshire. Stephen participates in Wildcat Friends and Maggie is a UNH student. Stephen loves Wildcat Friends because “it is a fun, friendly place for me to enjoy. It is amazing and fun. I like to interact with everyone.”

Maggie is a junior at UNH. She started volunteering for Wildcat Friends as a freshman. Last spring she started a student organization called Eyes Open. The mission of Eyes Open is to open eyes and raise voices for disability awareness and community engagement. Stephen is a member of Eyes Open. He enjoys meeting new students and participating in activities through Eyes Open.

Stephen also loves to dance. One of his favorite Friends in Action programs is Dancercise, which he does every Monday. He loves the music and dancing with all his friends.

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