Mini Prom 2012!

Thanks to Anna Goscinski, a senior at Coe-brown High School, for coming up with the idea of having a prom at our Friday Night Social. Anna’s brother James is a Friends in Action participant.  Anna thought it would be fun for James to have a prom with his friends. The “Mini Prom” idea was hatched and there was no stopping the fun! Anna organized friends and family to help with the special night. Our female participants were invited to come early and Anna had a team of hair dressers and nail painters waiting for them. James arrived early in a
limo.  After hair and nails were finished, the girls got a spin around town in the limo before the dance started.  It was great fun, as many had
never ridden in a limo before.  The night couldn’t have been more of a success! Everyone in attendance looked dazzling and so thrilled to be a part of something exciting and new.  Anna, you may have just started a new Friends in Action tradition! Thank you to all the Goscinski for their hard work!

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