WCF 10.10.12

Holloway Commons always has pizza, burgers, stir-fry and an assortment of hot lunch foods. If one is hungry this is the place to be. Friends folks talked and ate for an hour then broke into the two groups for the rec time. Group one went over to New Hampshire Hall and stretched, played a warm up and then played tag.  They then learned and talked about healthy eating habits.  The point of discussion got into junk food and how it’s bad for you, yet tastes so good! Oscar the Grouch is a game that has folks get into a “trashcan” like structure while others surround the “trashcan” and use soft balls as “junk food” and try to toss the junk into the trashcan. However the “grouches” in the trashcan toss it back out and it becomes a battle of bad foods. Everyone had fun and wanted to get rid of that junk food. To end class the group made a circle and had a dance off. How fun! Group two was over at Lord Hall and worked on using solo cups to stack and make castles. The higher the structure the more fun it was when it fell. Then the group made friendship bracelets with their new friends and chatted as the rain came down in buckets.  Both groups were treated to a presentation by Michelle, a guest speaker from The York Center for Wildlife.  Michelle brought
four wildlife ambassadors for us to meet. Savannah, a type of falcon called an American Kestrel, taught us that she was just one type of the six types of Raptors.  The other Raptor groups are Hawks, Vultures, Osprey, Eagles and Owls.  To learn more about owls, we met Bianca, an 18 year old barred owl.  Bianca lives at the center full time because she has suffered a trauma to her wing.  We learned that Bianca fosters owlets that are brought into the center.  She has fostered close to 40 owlets!  After coaxing him from his crate, we met Ollie, an opossum.  Ollie had a snack and then we watched him groom himself.  We learned that opossums are very clean animals because they groom themselves much like cats!  Lastly, we met Clifford, a box turtle.  We learned that Clifford is in his late 40s and could live to be over 100 years old!  Michelle shared several ways that we could help in the conservation of wildlife.  Wild animals are drawn to the road by food like banana peels and apples that we throw out of car windows!  Next time, we will think twice before we throw anything out of the window!  If we ever come across a wild animal that needs help, we know we can  contact The York Center of Wildlife at

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