WCF 10.17.12

After lunch at Holloway Commons, Group One went over to the Mini Dorms to have some fun with Jason and company. He and his residents
set up a scavenger hunt outside with a bunch of plastic skeletons that were four different colors.  We broke into four groups with hall residents in each of the groups. One group had black skeletons which were hard to find because they blended into the landscape on the overcast day. After all 47 skeletons were found, Jason switched things up and gave each group a new set of skeletons to hide for the other groups. I would
have to say the second hunt was much harder than the first. Wildcat Friends were trying really hard to find good hiding spots. To end the afternoon with our new friends we played a game that got everyone sitting in a circle.  Each person was their own goalie. Each person spread their legs and used their hands to punt the ball around the circle. If one wasn’t paying attention and the ball came through your legs, the person that sent the ball through got a point. It was a lot of fun with many giggles and smiles. Group One’s class had investigated pendulums on their hands. In small groups, the participants attempted to get three homemade pendulums (thread with a paper clip at the bottom) to swing in unison. They discovered that they had to try to get all three pendulums the same length in order for them to swing together.
Releasing the three pendulums at the same time proved to be the trickiest part!

As a group, we experimented with making a pendulum that would have one cycle (one back and forth movement) in one second…much like a clock ticking out seconds. Though changing the weight on the end of the pendulum didn’t change the frequency of the cycles, changing the length of the pendulum did. We talked about Foucault’s pendulum and how it proved that Earth rotates. Many of the participants recalled seeing a Foucault pendulum at the Boston Museum of Science.

Lastly, we had “The Pendulum of Fear!” Many brave and willing souls took turns sitting in a chair with a pendulum weight (big bouncy ball) at the tip of their nose. When the pendulum was released, it swung out away from them and then back toward their face. Though it was touching their nose to begin with, the energy it lost as it cycled made it so that no one was injured during this activity!

Group Two went over to see our great friends at New Hampshire Hall. After stretching, sharing one good thing they ate in the dining hall and zooming up and down the court a few times, folks were ready to move on to working on their soccer skills. Everyone grabbed a partner and worked on passing the ball and keeping it under control while they dribbled around the gym. Then folks broke into groups and worked on shooting some goals at the walls. Some folks have donethis before and boy could you tell all our folks have extremely good aim. Way to be Wildcats!  In Sheana’s class this week, we studied Amphibians. We focused on the difference between Frogs and Toads. We started by answering some trivia questions about frogs and toads and found that we didn’t know as much as we thought we did! We found out that we can’t get warts from touching a toad, (but that we should still wash our hands after)! We also learned that frogs blink when they eat so their eyeballs can help push the food down their throats! After reading a selection about the differences between frogs and toads we worked in groups to Compare and Contrast them using Venn Diagrams. Finally, we played a game called “Lickety Split.” We each used our frog tongues (party blowers) to try to catch “bugs.”


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