WCF 10.19.2012

Stillings Dining Hall is too good to us! Every Friday there is always something fantastic to eat. No complaints from these cool cats… well maybe a little complaint about the rain! It’s no fun to take the 20 minute walk to theater in the rain but the Wildcat Friends group is so excited for theater that the walk doesn’t seem to faze folks much. Theater got folks stretched out and warmed up to practice a new song for the group. One of the theater folks chose a Beetles song for our big performance that will take place December 5, 2012 at 7:00pm at the Durham Community Church! Don’t miss out, these wildcat have been working really hard on their chorography. After theater, the UNH Dance Team joined us with the Pi Kappa Phi brothers and Alpha Xi Delta sisters.  Everyone was very excited to have the Dance Team work with us.  The group started with some stretching, just like the girls do at every practice. Then the girls warmed us up with some line dancing songs. We all got down to the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eye Joe and The Hand Jive. After warming up, the Dance Team broke the group down to three teams and had each team separate themselves and work on their own dance routine to show off at the end of class. One group did a popular pop song called Gangnam Style by PSY. They had high energy and had some great dance moves. The second group did an Elvis song that had the room on fire and Hannah doing a split! And the final group did Thriller by Michael Jackson complete with pompoms! Everyone had a blast and it was great to be out of the rain. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE UNH DANCE TEAM! What fun!


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