WCF 10.2.13

Wildcat Friends at UNH!
Tonight Group 1 was met with a rollerblading teacher!  The roller blades were meant
to built some excitement around the scientific concept of momentum.  We learned that momentum is movement.  We learned that the faster something is moving and the heavier it is, the more momentum it has.  We also learned that momentum can transfer from one object to another (a rollerblading teacher to a chair on wheels, for example).

Bill Nye did a great job of showing us many examples of momentum, its transfer, and its conservation.  After watching the video, we played “Explain that Momentum” with different examples of momentum.  Ask your participants about the basketball and the tennis ball as well as the straw and the potato.

At the end of class we observed momentum in action with two types of rockets…a water rocket and a balloon rocket.  As the birthday girl, Amanda got to send off the GIANT balloon rocket with the “Happy Birthday” message on it!


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