WCF 10.23.13

Tonight we combined classes so that we could all enjoy a special guest performance!  We started off the night by watching several short videos on sound and music.  We watched music being made with only the human body, and music being made with non-traditional instruments.  We watched Bobby McFerrin “play” his audience in this amazing video…

The highlight of our night, however, was a visit and private concert from UNH’s co-ed a cappella group, Alabaster Blue!  They performed several songs for us and even taught us to sing along to “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”  The Wildcat Friends were an enthusiastic audience!  The group answered questions from our participants.  After Nate asked if he could sing with them, most Friends got up and joined them!  We all belted out our parts and lit up the room!  What fun!!

Want to see Alabaster Blue perform for yourself?  Here’s their YouTube Channel…



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