WCF 10.24.12

What a spooky day on campus! Holloway Commons had their fright night meal and staff was dressed to impress in Halloween costumes. Kyle immediately noticed the scary music being played throughout the dining hall and the spooky treats that the desert table had to offer. After a wicked good time, folks geared up to head to either New Hampshire Hall or Christensen Resident Hall. Group One walked over to NHH and began with stretching and discussing what healthy choices were made at Holloway.  For the few that didn’t have a vegetable at lunch, they could redeem themselves by telling folks what exercise they had done so far this week. Lots of folks went for walks or played basketball to get their exercise in. Today the soon to be Physical Education teachers brought out the soccer balls. Folks needed to dribble around the gym
to music keeping the ball under control and stopping when the music was paused. Once the Wildcats were feeling comfortable with their balls they found a partner and practiced passing.  For the big finally, they took shots on UNH students who were in goal. Group Two was having a nice fall day making Halloween cards and cool crayon art with new friends at Christensen Hall. The crayon art was very interesting, Using tape, paper, crayon and a blow dryer folks created drip art. Christensen hall folks helped wildcat friends glue crayons to the paper then tape the project on the wall and then took a blow dryer to make the crayon drip downward. What a cool idea, a big thank you to our new buds at Christensen! After recreation, everyone met Heather and Sheana at Parson Hall to see some spooky Halloween tricks. Both groups met for some fun and spooky Halloween chemistry demonstrations put on by the UNH chemistry fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma. The first few demonstrations had us trying out some invisible ink and experimenting with a gooey substance that sometimes acted like a liquid and sometimes a solid (a cornstarch and water mixture). During a silly tooth fairy skit, the tooth fairy chemists made teeth (styrofoam cups) melt into goo as they pushed them into the magic mouthwash (acetone). Each participant got to add their “tooth” to the magic mouthwash. The chemists had dry ice that made cool clouds and bubble volcanoes. They used liquid nitrogen to freeze marshmallows. Some got cold enough to break when they were thrown down on the floor! At the end of our time, we were served ice cream made with liquid nitrogen…a first for many, I’m sure!


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