WCF 10.26.12

Stillings does it again! We had a great meal and fantastic company. Today everyone arrived right on time and we had a great lunch hearing about everyone’s costumes they planned to wear for Friday Night Social later that night. After the walk to the church, folks stretched and got
right into theater class because today Linett brought out a new song that Danielle had chosen. Without taking away from the December 5th
performance take a look at the pictures and see if you can guess which character from a Christmas movie Danielle is channeling! She really enjoyed acting this scene out and really got into character. The group ran through the four songs they have under their belt and ended class with a word of the day and Pass the Squeeze. As they finished up theater the UNH Hamel Scholars came to work on a project that would benefit our friends at The Cornucopia Food Pantry. Luke, the leader of the scholars, came prepared with all the dry ingredients to create a curry lentil soup. These ingredients were then layered in mason jars and decorated with Halloween fabric and Thanksgiving stickers. Folks also decorated pumpkins to take home and chatted with new friends. A big thanks to the Hamel Scholars and Luke for helping us with this project today! Enjoy your Halloween!



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