WCF 10.3.12

Holloway commons lunch was amazing today. The pizza today looked out of this world, unfortunately no monkey bread to report. Everyone is really in sync when it comes to the dining hall and getting food and connecting with friends.

Group one went to Cerc A, to hang with Anna and friends to do a five floor scavenger hunt which earned them stress balls, tee shirts and candy! FUN. Then they got giggy with it and sang karaoke. Group two was over at New Hampshire Hall and played the tag game meatball and spaghetti as well as a fun game of Get the Balls Out. This game had four wildcats surrounded in a hut and the rest of the team struggled to toss tons of mini balls inside a fortress as the four folks trapped inside tossed the balls out as fast as they came in.

Tonight both groups of Wildcat Friends had a chance to learn more about bacteria. We learned that they are one celled organisms that are alive. We learned that they are everywhere, and that there are more good bacteria than bad. After learning how bacteria multiply through binary fission (the DNA replicates inside one cell and then it stretches and splits into two), we were able to check in our bacteria experiments from the past two weeks. Participants were able to see their own petri dish from our microbiology lab visit. They could see the bacteria that had been on their fingertips before and after hand-washing. In some cases, there were far fewer bacteria on the “after hand-washing” side. In other cases, the before and after looked quite similar. We concluded that sometimes when we use Germ-X or wash our hands, we don’t clean our fingertips very well!

Since cold and flu season is rapidly approaching, we talked about how germs travel during coughing and sneezing. We watched two short entertaining videos. One was called, “Why Don’t We Do it in Our Sleeves?” and the other was a clip from Mythbusters about safe sneezing (both are available for online viewing). Now we are all fully prepared to sneeze and cough into our sleeves!

Lastly, we had a special presentation tonight given tonight by Doug. He very eloquently shared a PowerPoint he had created about Cerebral Palsy. Doug shared his own story, as well as educated us about what Cerebral Palsy is, the opportunities that are available for people with Cerebral Palsy, and how to treat people with Cerebral Palsy. Thank you, Doug!

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