WCF 10.5.12

Most of the group was back in action today for Wildcat Friends after many absences from  illness last week. Everyone was all smiles while they enjoyed pizza and salads, the usual Friday lunch of the WCF crew. We finally had a sunny day that was dare I say WARM! The sun really brought out the happiness and made the walk to theater much more enjoyable then last week in the rain. Class was open to zombies, witches, warlocks and even a few ghosts as the group worked on the nextinstallment of the fall production. Thriller will fit nicely into the lineup and folks in theater class are loving it! To finish out class everyone passed the squeeze and cheered for fall. We then all packed into cars like sardines and headed to the other side of campus to learn about the UNH Dairy Farm!

Dr. Ericson and students from the UNH CREAM Club gave Wildcat Friends a terrific tour.  We were joined by our friends from Pi Kappa Phi and Alpha Xi Delta so there were about 20 of us taking the tour.  We divided into two groups and went to a bunch of different areas of the barnyard. We met three cows that are about to have babies any day.  They were all lying down, looking fairly uncomfortable.   They were in the maternity ward of the barn.  Then we met the baby cows that have their own area.  They were incredibly cute and very friendly.  Then we went to visit a barn with a bunch of cows.  There was a lot of patting and long tongue licking.  Cows have incredibly long tongues!  They were all very sweet and friendly.  Both groups ended by going to the milking barn.  This was pretty neat because it was milking time so we got to see how the cows walk in to their areas, stand in the right place, get milked, and then walk out.  They all know the routine very well.  Did you know that cows HATE their routine changed?  They get agitated and depressed if the same schedule doesn’t happen every day.  Reminds me of someone people I know!  Thanks very much to Dr. Ericson and the 4 students who took time to take us on this great tour.


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