WCF 10.9.13

Class portion of our day:

Group 1 had Sheana for class tonight and she brought along a guest speaker.  Mark Bixby, an electrical lineman, came to speak to us about how electricity is generated, how it travels from power plants to our homes, and what safety procedures linemen use.  We all had the opportunity to try on a hard hat with a protective visor and the large rubber gloves worn by a lineman. We tried to tighten a nut onto a bolt using the rubber gloves and found it was not very easy!  We couldn’t imagine trying to work 30 feet in the air with the rubber gloves on and complete the very dangerous work of a lineman!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and equipment with us, Mark!


Wednesday, Group 2 explored the scientific concept of momentum. We discussed that any object that is moving has momentum, that momentum equals the mass of the object x the speed of the object, and that momentum can be transferred and is conserved.  Wearing roller blades at the beginning of class, Heather has a lot of momentum as she rolled around the room.  She transferred some of her momentum to a chair with wheels on it.

After watching Bill Nye show many examples of momentum, we tried some ourselves.  For example, we watched a basketball be dropped with a tennis ball on top of it.  As the basketball hit the floor, the momentum of the basketball was transferred back into the basketball and to the tennis ball.  The tennis ball then went shooting off in another direction!

At the end of class we observed the momentum of balloon rockets and water rockets.  The balloon rockets flew across the room on a long string (the momentum of the air coming out of the balloon equaled the momentum of the balloon going forward).

The water rockets appeared to be a bit of a dud, only going two feet or so in the air…  Once the launcher broke and we opened the second water rocket package, however, we witnessed a great deal more momentum!  The second water rocket shot up with great momentum, surprising us all!  Great fun!



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