WCF 2.12.14

WCF never fails to have a great time on campus with new friends and experience. Group 1 hits New Hampshire Hall for some fitness fun! While Group 2 got very into the Valentines craft project at Scott Hall. 

In Sheana’s class we added to Valentine’s Day what has always been missing…science!  First, we measured how much love we have in our hearts, using the “Love Meter” (aka Hand Boiler).  We wrapped our hands around the twisting, turning glass tube and watched the red liquid inside shoot to the top and boil!  Love for each other was in the air when we joined hands and created an electric circuit while holding an Energy Stick.  Our love caused the Energy Stick to light up and buzz!  We used cellophane Fortune Telling Fish to learn our mood, made conversation hearts dance, created a love potion and made magic bracelets that change color with a large dose of love and a little UV light!  We loved class tonight!

Group 2 learned about simple machines with Heather.  Scientifically, machines are something that use energy to do work.  Work is force over distance.  We found out that the six main simple machines (inclined planes, wedges, screws, levers, wheel & axle, and pulley) really all fall under two categories…inclined planes and levers.  We brainstormed types of simple machines that would help us do different jobs (remove a nail from a board, get to the top of the Empire State Building, escape a snake pit, lift a barn).  We saw how pulleys made it easier to lift a load, and how a long lever made it so Heather could lift Chelsea and Hannah with just one foot!  At the end of class we watched a Science Court episode and learned that while simple machines might make work seem easier, you are still doing the same amount of work while using the simple machine.

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