WCF 2.14.14

Wildcat Friends had a snowy walk from Stilling’s dining hall to chorus class today. Thank goodness for boots! Today during chorus the group worked on breathing exercises and little tricks folks can try at home. Linette showed the group how to breath from their diaphragm and a silly way to practice every night before bed. If you happen to have a book next to your bed, try placing it on your belly and taking a deep breath in to sink the book on your stomach. When you release that breath the book should rise along with your belly. Try this 10 times before bed and you will be able to project and hold a note longer.

The group also has started to add a bit of a dance sequence into one of the numbers… Keep counting down the days ladies and gentleman, the April 30th performance┬áis only 10 weeks away!

Over at the Upper Quad we made valentines and fun chocolate pretzel candy with our friends. Candy pretzels not included in photos because we ate them all. Happy Valentines day!


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