WCF 2.20.13

In Sheana’s class we had a visit from the UNH Marine Docents who taught us about echinoderms.  We learned there are five groups of echinoderms, including sea stars, sea urchins and sand dollars.  After a power point presentation, we rotated through three centers.  In two of the centers we had the opportunity to hold sea stars and sea urchins.  They tickled!  In the third center, we used a strong microscope to watch the movements of various echinoderms on a computer screen.  We learned a lot!  As Scott N. proclaimed, “Now THIS is science!”
Over in Group 2 they learned about ballads.  We learned that ballads are a type of poem that have been around for a long, long time and were originally meant to be sung.  Their stanzas have four lines with 8, 6, 8, and 6 syllables in them.  The second and fourth lines have to rhyme, but the first and third don’t. 

After hearing a few ballad stanzas from past centuries, we learned that the theme to Gilligan’s Island is actually a ballad!  We listened to the theme and then found that we could sing other ballad stanzas to the same tune (try Amazing Grace!).  It all works because of the rhyme and rhythm of ballads.

During the second half of class, we did a choral reading/readers’ theater of  The Ballad of Dirty Joe (a humorous ballad).  Some participants would like to watch the author perform the ballad again.  You can find that performance here…

Group 2 wrote a ballad stanza of their own about Wildcat Friends…

Wildcat Friends love to dance at night

We really love the food

Then it’s arts and crafts at the dorms

Our class is the best, dude.

Yes, that too can be sung to Gilligan’s Island!

Fun stuff! Don’t forget Next Tuesday folks are staying late for a UNH Women’s basketball game!



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