wcf 2.27.13

Last night, group one learned about optical illusions.  We talked about how all of the different kinds of optical illusions are meant to trick you to make you think you’re looking at something you are not actually seeing.  We looked at examples of artists that have used optical illusions (MC Escher, Salvador Dali, Bridget Riley) and watched a couple of short videos that gave us a chance to see how optical illusions could fool us.  Some of the images on the screen really looked like they were blinking or moving when they weren’t!  We made optical illusions of our own by coloring in different sections of a design with complimentary colors and by spinning a pencil so fast that we could put a bird into a cage! Meanwhile group 2  Sheana had her class learning about the four types of Bridge Structures and related those types to local bridges that we know, such as the Little Bay Bridge, Sarah Mildred Long Bridge and Piscataqua River Bridge.  After focusing on the strength of the triangle shape used in the Truss style bridge, we built our own bridges using popsicle sticks and glue.  We built three different bridges and tested their weights by hanging a bucket from the center of the bridges.  Each bridge held between 20 and 25 pounds!  We couldn’t believe it!


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