WCF 3.20.13

Tonight Group 1 had a visit from UNH’s Student Nutrition Association.  The came in to talk to the Wildcat Friends about My Plate, the visual which helps people make healthy decisions about the food choices they make.  Several Wildcat Friends got a chance to guess the different portion sizes of granola, pasta, and milk.  It turns out that a serving size of granola is awfully small!  The Student Nutrition Association agreed with Amanda that you shouldn’t eat pizza that would be bigger than your face!!

The Student Nutrition Association also talked about the “guiding stars” that can be found in the dining hall.  We moved around the room to the different star posters as we tried to guess how many stars (none to three) different foods would have.  While fruits and veggies got three stars, pasta salad (one star) and brownies (zero stars) didn’t fare so well.

Group 2 was with Sheana and they had a visit from the UNH Marine Docents who taught us about echinoderms.  We learned there are five groups of echinoderms, including sea stars, sea urchins and sand dollars.  After a power point presentation, we rotated through three centers.  In two of the centers we had the opportunity to hold sea stars and sea urchins.  They tickled!  In the third center, we used a strong microscope to watch the movements of various echinoderms on a computer screen.

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