WCF 3.27.13

Group 1 had Sheana in class for the night. The group learned about the four types of Bridge Structures and related those types to local bridges that we know, such as the Little Bay Bridge, Sarah Mildred Long Bridge and Piscataqua River Bridge.  After focusing on the strength of the triangle shape used in the Truss style bridge, we built our own bridges using popsicle sticks and glue.  We built three different bridges and tested their weights by hanging a bucket from the center of the bridges.  Each bridge held between 20 and 25 pounds!  We couldn’t believe it!

In Group 2 the class explored coordinate geometry with Heather!  Building on the Battleship game we played on Valentine’s Day, we learned that coordinate geometry uses a grid system and coordinates to plot exact points.  We talked about the origin (the zero), the x axis, and the y axis.  After doing an example together, the participants tried out some coordinate geometry examples of their own.  In the time they had before many left for the ballet, participants plotted points on their grid and connected the points.  We started to see pictures of birds, the sun, some waves, and a sail.  A few participants finished the picture later in the evening and saw the whole picture of a sailboat riding the waves!  It was challenging!!

Some folks stayed late for the UNH dance production and enjoyed dancing in their seats and the wonderful movement on stage.


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