WCF 3.28.14

Choir time! The group is working hard at memorization and dancing. Scott will be doing a solo that will surly have a standing ovation!

During Rec today, Gilly arranged for the group to visit the dancers of the spring dance production at the Paul Creative arts center.  The group learned how to stretch like the dancers, move like them and learned a few new dance terms…  Pas de Bourree here is the wikipedia definition:  It consists of three quick steps. A demi plié with extension of the first leg, closing the first leg to the second as the second rises to demi pointe or pointe, extending the second leg to an open position while both legs remain on demi or full pointe, and closing the first leg to the second in a demi plié. If the pas de bourrée is very quick or is the final step of an enchainement, the concluding demi plié may be omitted and the step will end with stretched knees. It means ‘Step of Bourrée’, Bourrée being an Auvergne dance. The name also translates as “stuffing step” with the initiating foot “stuffing” itself into the space occupied by the other foot and thereby forcing the other foot to move away.

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