WCF 3.7.14

The last day before spring break left us with Stillings closed which shifted our group over to Holloway Commons. No big deal! Holloway is awesome! After the group walked up to the Community Church of Durham and got to singing! Today folks worked on breathing exercises and a bit of choreography. Very fun, everyone is so into our songs!

For our rec session the group walked from the church to the field house. Which was a bit of a haul but what we were going to see was well worth it! Wildcat Friends watched 38 schools compete in a robotics competition, and boy oh boy was it cool! These were high school kids that created robots that had to fling volleyballs into nets and over obstacles. everyone was very excited and the music was getting everyone pumped up! Only complaint was pick up time being a hassle. Otherwise, were going back next year!   check out a youtube clip…


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