WCF 4.17.13

Group 1 had a second nutrition lesson with SPIN (Students Promoting Information about Nutrition).  SPIN taught us more about the different nutrients that make up our food and how to read labels.  We broke into small groups and looked more closely at the labels of four different snack foods and four different beverages, ranking them by their sodium, fat, sugar, and calorie content.  The participants measured out the actual sugar content of the beverages so that they could compare them visually.

After SPIN left, we played a fun game where we had to match up the class into pairs of snack foods that go together (hummus & pita chips, salsa & chips, etc.).  We each had a food label on our back (but we didn’t know what it was), so it was tricky to find our partner!  The game definitely required teamwork.  We also played a true/false game with some wacky nutrition facts.

Group 2: In Sheana’s class we learned about Volcanoes.  We started out by watching a Bill Nye video on Volcanoes, because who can make science more exciting than Bill Nye the Science Guy? Through the video, we learned that there are three types of Volcanoes.  Volcanoes form when  hot molten rock finds its way to the surface of the Earth. When gases in the volcano get hot enough, they expand and explode, causing an eruption.  When the molten lava that flows from a volcano solidifies, new land is formed.

After watching the video, we made and decorated our own volcanoes.  We sponge-painted our volcanoes and then added moss and dinosaurs to the base.
Both groups will be getting together the last day of class to make our volcanoes erupt!


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