WCF 4.2.14

Our beloved friend Rachel came back for a visit! The group was very excited to see our old friend. Group 1 went over to New Hampshire hall to work on stations. They group did some tumbling, hopping, squats with a medicine ball and worked on shuffling while passing a ball. The theme of the day was working on hand eye coordination so the group ended with a came of catch in a group fashion. Group two went over to Cerc C and had the pleasure of hanging outside for the afternoon, playing basketball and bean bag toss! Thanks Billy!

Group 1 had a blast with Heather!
Earlier this semester we learned about simple machines. Over the past two weeks, both groups have gotten a chance to build a type of lever…a catapult! Using a mousetrap as the base, pairs of participants worked together with staff and volunteers to use spoons, popsicle sticks, index cards, plastic cups, rubber bands, paper, and LOADS of tape to create working catapults.
And what do you do with a catapult? You throw things! Each team named not only their team, but also the marshmallow Peep that they would be chucking across the room with their catapult. We set up a tape

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measure and a starting line. Each team tested their catapult and measured how far their Peep flew (or slid). If the team felt it was necessary, they made modifications to their catapult design before their next test launch. At the end of last night’s class, teams also had a chance to test their catapult’s accuracy as they worked at launching the Peep directly into the trash can (the final flight).

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