WCF 9.11.13

Wildcat friends moved back to their normal theater spot and started work on their communication skills as a team. They worked on a game that had everyone acting as robots and then joined them together to be a functioning large robot. Their are 25 folks participating in theater on Wednesdays, the machine was rather impressive! After theater folks enjoyed a meal at Holloway Commons and then spit into 2 groups to visit with Stan at Hetzel Hall or Sarah and New Hampshire Hall. Class for group one was with Sheana who had the group geocaching around campus. Folks found two animal displays around campus and we were able to great a great group photo in front of one.   Group 2 explored some of water’s interesting properties.  We watched capillary action at work as water moved from one glass to another without us touching or pouring it.  A twisted paper towel did the work for us…you can try this at home!  Melissa and Erin set up several other experiments with different materials (napkins, yarn, cloth, paper) to see if capillary action would work with something besides a paper towel. We observed the temperature of crushed ice and watched what happened to the temperature as salt was added.  Even though the ice was melting, the temperature dropped rapidly!  It was pretty dramatic. We also explored surface tension.  Using eye droppers, we counted to see how many drops of water would fit on a penny.  It’s more than you think!  Finally, we watched the a short video to see what effect the lack of gravity has on water and surface tension in space.  You can check it out here…



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