WCF 9.12.2012

Monkey bread day at Holloway Commons! Might as well be a holiday for staff and students. All the Wildcats were extremely happy to partake in the yummy gooey cinnamon sugar bread that we all missed over the summer. Other than the famous monkey bread, food plates are looking really healthy and folks have laid off the soda. Group one today went over to New Hampshire hall after Holloway commons and enjoyed some running and fun games with the folks. After stretching and doing a couple of partner warm ups,  folks danced to music as they played banana tag. If there was an Olympic event of tag, I think we have a very serious folks that could bring home the gold. After NH Hall, the evening was beautiful to take a stroll around campus for class to learn about trees before they lose their leaves. Heather led the tree walk.  After discussing what helps us identify trees (bark, size, shape, buds, fruit, leaves–color, size, arrangement), we checked out the first thirteen trees on the UNH tree walk (which you can download for free at iTunes).  We saw several types of oaks and maples.  We also saw some different trees like the honey locust.  The honey locust has compound leaves and is a member of the pea/bean family.  Right now, there are very large pods hanging from it!  We also saw the spiny husks that are hanging off of the horse-chestnut tree.  The campus is full of interesting trees!

Group two met Billy and his residents at Serc C to play basketball and volley ball.  There was a great mixture of UNH students and Wildcats.  The basketball game knockout was a big hit with the group. Volleyball players got to enjoy playing the game with a huge blow up beach ball.  It was a good time for all.  Group two then went and had a great classroom experience learning about electricity. For further  details about Sheana’s class on static electricity please refer back to WCF 9.5.2012.


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