WCF 9.14.2012

Spending time at Stillings is a great way to bond with friends. Wildcat friends sits together and chitchats until it’s time to walk up to theater.   Linette is always good to have everyone stretch and dance before theater gets underway. After shaking the silly’s out folks played a few theater games, including the Mirror Game (where one person is the leader and everyone has to do as the leader does) and Guess What I’m Doing (a game where someone is in front of group acting out an activity that they came up with and then someone has to join in and changed their activity to a new action.) Everyone got a good chuckle at Michael’s performance of pretending to be his Mom needing a hip replacement.  The group tried out the Hot Chelle Rea song, Tonight, Tonight. After theater, a bunch of our Pi Kappa Phi brothers came by to head over to the MUB to get wacky with Dave Zamanski, the head of fun over at the MUB. Dave had everyone put their pointer finger in the hands of a neighbor to play the game Got Cha! followed by a game that had folks running around if they all had the same common interest. Then Dave played a game of red light green light with a rubber chicken that the group had to steal and finished up with Alaskan Baseball, which has not a thing to do with actual baseball. Thanks very much Dave for entertaining us today!


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