WCF 9.19.2012

The dining hall was setting up for their harvest meal while the wildcats poured in for some grub. Not detoured by the set up most wildcats
hit the pizza line and salad bar and sat together and catch up on what’s new and exciting in each other’s lives. After the hour of conversing, mingling and giggling folks split into their groups and group one went over to Engleheart for some Disney Trivia! This gave folks the opportunity to show off their Disney knowledge. The Mickey Mouse Club House team won the game and then it was time to set off to the big wildcat for a group picture with both group one and two and the UNH students.

Group one went up to Their class on the third floor to meet Sheana for class as group two was met outside by Heather who whisked them away to have class at Spaulding labs. Sheana’s class we had the opportunity to use the handheld GPS receivers that we learned about last fall. After reviewing how to use the GPSs, we went for a UNH Scavenger Hunt. We used visual clues from the architecture of each building as well as the GPSs to help us locate the buildings. When we found the selected buildings, we learned a little bit about each. For example, did you know that at one time students lived in the clock tower at T-Hall? Or that the library houses over 1.7 million volumes and 55,000 maps? We also collected letter clues to help us solve a puzzle at the end of class. The letters spelled, “WE LOVE UNH!”

In group two’s class Last night, Group 2 had the pleasure of going into Prof. Elise Sullivan’s microbiology lab. Elise had gathered and grown samples of bacteria from all sorts of places: the floor, a computer keyboard, the bottom of a shoe, etc. After checking those out, each participant collected bacteria from their fingertips in a petri dish two times. The first fingerprints were before they washed their hands, and the second set was after either washing their hands or using Germ-X. Elise will “culture” these bacteria for us so that we can look at them again in two weeks when they have grown and are visible. Hannah was interested in gathering the bacteria from her cough, so we did that too!

After looking at all that bacteria, we were able to use the microscopes in the lab. We wore some cool blue gloves and checked out water from different sources around town, cheek cells from some willing participants, leaves, a flower, and hair (among other things). Elise had a very cool microscope that had five viewing areas. While she sat and focused the microscope, four other people could see what she was seeing. She was able to use a small arrow to point out specific areas to observe. Very cool!


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