WCF 9.21.12

Wildcats on the loose at UNH! Stilling’s Dining Hall served up another great meal as expected. How could they go wrong with a buffet of burgers, pizza, soups, sandwiches and other hot comfort foods.  As usual, folks chatted and enjoyed one another’s company while eating lunch.  Then it was off for the half mile walk to the Community Church of Durham. At the church, Linette and Christina, our UNH Theater student, lead games and lent direction as folks prepared for the fall production. The group takes direction great and really responds well to music they know. Katy Perry’s song Firework has become Friends in Actions theme song at this point! As class came to an end and folks started to pour in for the recreational portion of the afternoon a quick game of pass the squeeze reminds the Wildcats about their friends and how close they have become through this experience.

Pi Kappa Phi Brothers met us down at The Waysmet center today to make some apple crisp for the Cornucopia Food Pantry. Each Wildcat was teamed with a brother or UNH dance team member to create very good looking apple crisp. The recipe was quick and easy and everyone flew through the preparation.  To finish up the apple crisps folks wrapped them in tinfoil, added the directions to bake, then saran wrapped it up for safe keeping in the freezer. Everyone was very happy with the outcome. Big thanks to Waysmeet, UNH Dance Team and our Bro’s from Pi Kappa Phi.


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