WCF 9.25.13

Wildcat Friends is having a blast acting as robots and dancing around the theater room. This falls production will be something else! Bring your cameras to capture this silly event!
Group 1 went to New Hampshire hall and learned about portion size and played so fun tag games. while group 2 had a cup challenge, sing along and made bracelets.
Tonight group 2 explored some of the cool properties of bubbles.  We learned that bubbles act like a prism.  The colors of bubbles act like a map to the thickness of the soap bubble.  The thicker the stripes of color, the thinner the soap film. 

We also learned that bubbles like to be wet.  When we wet our hands, we were able to put our fingers or even our entire hand through a bubble.  We were also able to catch bubbles and hold them in our wet hands.

We learned that bubbles like to be round.  They are always trying to cover the smallest surface area possible.  We dipped bubble dippers of many different shapes to see what would happen.  We also blew bubbles inside bubbles!

Finally, we went outside to try to make some really BIG bubbles.  The dark was closing in on us!  Unfortunately, the giant bubble wand didn’t work quite as well as last week.  However, we did manage to put a few people in a bubble!

If you’re interested in playing with bubbles, you can make all different kinds of wands out of pipe cleaners, string, straws, dowels, and yarn.  Mix up 1 gallon of water with 2/3 cup of Dawn dish washing liquid and 3 T. glycerin (for best results, let it sit 24 hours).  You can have hours of fun with the science of bubbles!


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