WCF 9.26.12

Holloway Commons shut down the stir fry station today to instead make your own quesadillas. Folks really enjoyed that, along with hot chocolate because it was a chilly one! The scene in the dining hall is chaotic however the tables the Wildcats occupy are calm and filled with giggles, chitchat and “what’s for desert!” Group 1 went over to New Hampshire Hall where Friends in Action staff had a BALL. Amanda, Ben and Steve really got into the tag game, Spaghetti Meatball. This game gave two taggers a foam pool noodle that was to be used as a tagger device while two other folks got dodge balls to use as tagging supporters. I think this was by far the best game I have played in years and what fun it was for staff to chase folks. After sweating and raising our heart rates it’s off to class with Heather whom arranged a chance for the Wildcat Friends to go to Prof. Elise Sullivan’s microbiology lab at UNH. Elise and her three student volunteers led the Wildcat Friends in a hand washing experiment. They collected bacteria (which we couldn’t see yet) in their petri dishes before and after washing their hands. We did get to look at bacteria that had been collected and cultured from a cell phone, the floor, a sink drain, the water fountain, and other places. The participants then got to look in microscopes at pond water samples and parasites from the human body, as well as things like leaves, flowers, newspaper, and hair. Several participants got an up-close look at their own hair…400 times closer than the human eye can see! Elise projected the magnified hair on the screen for all of us to see. We got to compare human hair to corn silk, thread, and strands of milkweed. Next week we’ll all get a chance to see just how much bacteria we had on our hands before and after we washed our hands!

Group two went over to hang out with Friends in Action’s buddy Lindsay and folks at Alexander hall. Lindsay, the hall director of Alexander, has been coming to Friday Night Socials at the Greenleaf Rec Center for the past few years with her residents. They bring energy to a new level on the basketball court as well as the dance floor. Today played into two strong suits for our folks, sports and art. One large group played kickball while the artzi folks did a painting project on taped canvas. The tape made funky shapes and designs and when we removed the white space enhanced the finished artwork. They truly came out beautiful. Maybe a future auction piece! For group two class the folks went on a geocaching adventure around campus. The rain cooperated and didn’t ruin the fun. The GPS’s are tricky at first but folks got a hang of it quickly and discovered some different architecture around campus.

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