WCF 9.28.12

What a funky fall! Everyone was out sick today, and we all wish a speedy recovery and well wishes to those folks that missed out on a beautiful rainy fall day. The group was small with five folks attending the program for the day, so small that we chose to reschedule with the UNH Dance Team for October 19th. For theater class we didn’t do too much work on the future production which you can count on being award winning! Linette ran lines and worked more with theater games for the day. For the grand finally of the icky rainy day we watched the movie The Lorax. A tale of keeping our planet green and clean and not letting greed take over. The plot has a young teen boy working hard at impressing an environmentally hip girl in a city with no plant life. To win her heart he must save the city and get photosynthesis happening once again to ensure the future of Thneedville. Next week, The UNH Cow Barn!

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