Welcome back wildcat friends and welcome to our new volunteers!

Group one went to New Hampshire Hall and worked on their fitness while Group two went to Hetzel Hall to get their semester started on the right foot!

After folks went to Nesmith for class with either Sheana or Heather. Here’s what they were up too! 

In Sheana’s class this week, we studied Amphibians.  We focused on the difference between Frogs and Toads.  We started by answering some trivia questions about frogs and toads and found that we didn’t know as much as we thought we did!  We found out that we can’t get warts from touching a toad, (but that we should still wash our hands after)!  We also learned that frogs blink when they eat so their eyeballs can help push the food down their throats!  After reading a selection about the differences between frogs and toads we worked in groups to Compare and Contrast them.  Finally, we played a game called “Lickety Split.”  We each used our frog tongues (party blowers) to try to catch “bugs.”

Tonight Group 2 learned about optical illusions with Heather!   They are great examples of how the mind and the eyes can sometimes see things in different ways.  We looked at many examples of optical illusions.  Some were pictures that looked like they were moving when they weren’t!  We also looked at art that incorporated optical illusion (MC Escher, Op Art).  We created our own optical illusions using complimentary colors.  It was great to be back!

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