Welcome back!  The whole crew got into the same old grove. Whether the folks were coming from theater and heading right to the festivities in Holloway Commons or they took the bus from Plaza 800 and had time to relax in the MUB, things hadn’t really changed much for our Wildcats. Lunch gave everyone the opportunity to catch up, mingle and find out what group they would be in for the recreational time and class. Group one headed over to Hetzel hall to meet with Hall Director Gilly and friends to do some tie-dye! Folks had the opportunity to choose what colors and designs they wanted to test out. Gilly was kind enough to hold on to the tee-shirts and wash them for us. Folks will pick up their tee shirts 9/19 while on campus. During group one’s class, Sheana taught about Static Electricity.  The class acted as atoms and saw how electrons orbit around the nucleus and how electrons can be shared between atoms.  We then went to four different centers where we witnessed these electrons cause Static Electricity.  By rubbing balloons on our heads, we were able to pick up puffed rice and roll soda cans without using our hands!  We “bent” a stream of water with our charged balloons, and even lit up a light bulb using a balloon!  Then Sheana took out the Van de Graaff Generator, a machine that makes static electricity.  Folks were able to see how the generator could throw pie tins in the air and spray a fountain of confetti into the air!  Finally, we all had the opportunity to touch the Van de Graaff Generator and feel our hair stand on end!
Group two went over to New Hampshire Hall and to work on health goals. Stretching, getting heart rates up and enjoying being physically active is the goal of the class.  Folks got their heart pumping with a little jogging, playing banana tag and working with the jump rope. Melissa
and students always make it fun with music and positive words to keep everyone motivated and excited! After class, folks had an easy walk to class at Nesmith, right across the street from New Hampshire Hall. During class Heather took the group on an UNH tree walk.  Starting at
Holloway Commons, we checked out 13 different types of trees and found out at least one interesting fact about each one.  The UNH campus has many different trees!  We saw giant bean pods hanging from the Honey locust and spiky horse chestnuts on another!  The very dark cloud above us held its raindrops until we were inside…phew!  Anyone can download the podcast and do the entire walk around campus if interested in learning more.

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