WILDCATS 2.3.2012!

Wildcats are back at it on Fridays! The Spring semester of 2012 started off on the right foot at Stillings Dining Hall, where the food is good and the company at the lunch table is even better! The group ate a healthy lunch then walked a portion of it off on the way over to the Durham Community Church. Linette didn’t waste any time and had us stretching our bodies to be limber for our silly activities. First we started with a circle activity that had everyone singing. Each person had to jump in the middle of the circle and do a dance move or make a sound we could all replicate. After we worked out the sillies, we then worked on clowning around. One of the new pieces that will be performed this spring is a bit of a dance number set at the circus. We have a few ring masters, a dance trio, even a contortionist! click here
Check out the photos and be wowed by the amazing Mary! The group then practiced what it takes to hold the stage solo, in an intimate bow to give each participant the recognition they deserve. All in all theater was fabulous and everyone is very excited to see what’s to come. At 2:30 the group gains a few more wildcats with a group of sisters from the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and brothers from Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity.  This week we went to the MUB and played a few get to know you games and then turned the focus on making our own “Fraternity.” We took part of the sorority name, part of the fraternity’s name and mixed it with Wildcat Friends to come up with our very own name.  We called ourselves Xi Cat Phi. As the group came to a close we made shrinky dinks with our new name that everyone will get back next time we meet. Yoga’s on for next week! See ya then.

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